The big 30!

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Thank you for all wishes and for remembering!


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Lula got her blanket from Grandma Marian who made it for her and she has used it all her life.
Yesterday Lula had her first major tantrum and it was over the blankie! We took it away so that she can have her lunch – as she wears it like a cape around the house.. She screamed and cried to get it back and tears poured out of her eyes. Today we had the same situation. She is also very attached to a large bunny rabbit called Tintin. We wanted to find out more about this sudden behaviour and discovered that it is absolutely normal for a 14 month old.

Taken from;

14 month old forms strong attachment to comfort items.

Your toddler relies on the sense of security he gets from his favourite stuffed lion, dearest blanket, or both. These items, called “transitional objects,” can be a source of comfort, especially when you’re not around. Paediatricians often recommend that parents encourage these attachments. Although your child is struggling to master new skills every day with varying degrees of success, the cuddly blanket is one thing he can consistently return to for comfort


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Well done! Congratulations Kinga and Jason! Little James is lovely!

21st March

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First of all happy birthday to Nicola from all three of us!

So much things are happening lately. Of course the packing and sorting….

It was great coming to London and seeing little angel Ruby – she is so beautiful! I absolutely adore her. You guys are such great parents and I am so happy everything is good.

Lula knows more everyday. She starts pointing to things when we ask her where they are. It’s really hard to keep track of her achievements there are so many of them.

Day out

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Life is so different since Lula started walking… She tries to run around everywhere. It’s so funny!

2 and a half weeks to go

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It’s our last couple of weeks in France. We packed quite a lot already and can not wait to be back. Thankfully time is going fast. Lula is doing better with walking and communicating and it’s more fun every day.

Little friend

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We are all thinking of Lula’s little friend who is in Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. We love you very much and we hope you are fully recovered asap.
We send our friendship and hugs and kisses and we regret we are not there to support you guys. But the most important thing is that she is getting better. xxx

Uncle and aunt visit

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Mark and Nicola are here visiting us for the weekend and Lula is having a blast.

Wszystkiego najlepszego Tomku!

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W dniu 11stych urodzin!

Lula is getting more confident with her walking and she loves our excitement when she does it!