First shoes

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Apparently it is very important for a baby ( up to 2 years of age especially ) to have really good shoes so that the feet develops and takes shape well. As soon as she takes first steps and stand.
Lula got her first proper shoes today and she absolutely adores them.
They are supposed to encourage her to walk without holding on too.

Lula loves her baths!

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I got Lula her first set of crayons today. They are specially chunky and strong so that she can get hold of them and they don’t break when she throws them around. Apart from eating them she did some artwork.
We think its modern art – she crinkles the paper and draws on both sides of the sheet.

Lula’s day

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It’s raining outside and it’s a very dull and grey day so Lula has to play inside for most of it.
She finds lots of interesting things to do though.

Lula and Marian in Brussels

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Happy birthday Lula!

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Lula is one today! Happy birthday Sweetie – WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

We went to London this weekend and celebrated Lula’s birthday! Grandma Marian, Nigel and Melitta, Mark and Nicola, Gali and Darryl (plus pumpkin), Dora, Ian with Lucy and Tara, John, Rachel, Cathy, Adam with Leah and Ellie and a huge vanilla cream and sponge cake all celebrated with us. Grandma Tonia and Granddad Andrzej sent lovely presents. Thank you to all! Also thank you Marta, Slawek, Zuzia and Tomek and all of you who remembered!

P.S. Chloe we hope you get better soon and same goes to little Arthur.

Lula, Marian and the monkeys

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Since Warwick did not shave for a week and a half I am counting him as one of the monkeys.

Lula is happy

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Lula is extremely happy as her Grandma Marian is showering her with kisses and hugs. Mutual love has grown under our roof. Those two are best of friends already! Lula has got her birthday present early too and she says THANK YOU!