Happy New Year!

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Wszystkiego Najlepszego w Nowym Roku! Szczescia, zdrowa i pomyslnosci! Sciskamy

Lula says thank you

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It’s a complete blizzard today. Lille looks like a town in the mountains. Everything is covered in snow and it’s very windy. It’s good we got her a snowsuit in New York.
We just came back from Lula’s check up. She is 82 cm tall and weighs 13 kg! Apparently she is extra healthy and very bright. The doctor said that she will walk any moment now but not to expect teeth to come through for at least another couple of weeks.
We came home to find a lovely Christmas card and present for Lula from Waszulka and Lasek. Thank you soooo much!
I have to say that Lula got really spoilt this Christmas! Thank you to Bruno and Marion and Uncle Mark and Nicola. And of course all the family in Poland. We thought we will not be able to pack it all (especially Lula’s new duvet and lovely painting by D Pataraia from Grandma Tonia). But we managed! Thank you from us too we got incredibly spoilt as well – neither me or Warwick got this many presents and cards ever before.

Poor little Lula

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We discovered that Lula has 4 huge top front teeth under her gums just waiting to come through! No wonder she has been a little sensitive lately. I gave her some teething gel and she has been inseparable with her teething ring.

Christmas in Poland

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We had a lovely Christmas! Bylo wspaniale! Dziekujemy za goscine!

Niestety Lula jest jeszcze troche za mala i nie mogly za bardzo sie bawic z Zula. Ale mysle, ze nastepnym razem bedzie o wiele lepiej. W koncu rok i cztery miesiace to jednak kawal roznicy w tym wieku i mysle, ze dla Zuzi miec konkurencje przez ponad cztery dni w domu to tez wyjatkowa sytuacja. Lula ma nadzieje, ze Zuzia odzyla i przesyla usciski.

Merry Christmas

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We are off to Poland ( apparently it’s snowing! ) this week so we would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas! Happy Holidays!
from Lula, Jo and Warwick

17th December

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15th December

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I can not believe it but finally we have all the Christmas presents sorted for Poland and we can relax a little bit. Just a few more days to go and we are off again. Lula has been sleeping a little longer then usual and she is difficult at night. I guess she is still jetlagged.
P.S. Thank you for the Christmas cards and wishes, they give us lots of pleasure!

The cutest

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Lula needed to catch up on some sleep.

We are back

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New York was freezing at times and it snowed. We had a great time! Lula and Iza loved each other and are now best of friends. It was really sweet how they hugged, chased and played with each other. Here are some pictures!

Mum is knitting

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Lula is a pixie! Here modelling her new hat, scarf and gloves knitted by mummy! Just in time for our trip. We will be away for the next week and a half. See you soon!