With Aunt Dora in Brussels

We went for a trip to Brussels today. I was born there nearly 30 years ago and spent the first 2 years of my life. Even though it was freezing cold we loved the capitol of Belgium. It had a special charm. Busy architecture of buildings dating over 400 years back with real gold on their fronts due to which they are apparently the most expensive property in the world. Restaurants with fresh lobster and other seafood. The best chocolate and pate in the world. Dare I mention that we disregarded our diet for the day…
Of course we saw manneken-pis. There are many legends about the Manneken. According to one of them a little boy had watered against the door of a witch who lived where the fountain now stands. The witch was so angry that she turned the little boy into a statue.
Another legend says that a man had lost his little son. He found the child after two days near the place where now the fountain of manneken-pis can be seen. When the father spotted his child, the latter was peeing. As a token of gratitude the father had the fountain with a statue of a peeing boy constructed.

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