I am sure most of you know that we decided to return to London. Yes we tried it here and decided that it is not for us! At least we will not be wondering about that anymore.
We still have a few things we are doing here like (me finishing off Warwick’s 100 feet long scarf!) our friends visiting and our trip to New York in 4 weeks. Really can not wait to see you guys! Lula will learn more tricks from our little sweet Iza. And hopefully me and Iwona are going to get a girls night out whilst Warwick and Jason are babysitting! How cool is that? And of course then we will be arriving for a wonderful family Christmas in Slawek and Marta’s new house! It will be amazing for Lula a real white traditional Christmas with her cousins, uncles, grandparents and rest of the Polish family. Even uncle Alik is coming from Chicago! We are going to be bankrupt by the time we got all the Christmas presents. But all Poles know that we are a generous nation and it’s going to be packed under the Christmas tree. How great for the little ones! I am so impatient.
And then just after Lula’s birthday which we are celebrating in London too and her Grandma Marian’s visit we have to start looking for a place and pack and mid April we are coming back!

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