Ode to Schrebber

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With her yellowish eyes
She waited for the opportunity
To express her animal cruelty
In shadow and in light
She appears to be in a state of fright
Looking for an invisible pray
Chasing around and in a strange way
Unsatisfied she yawns and cuddles up in a corner
Looks at me and penetrates with her pupils
“Aren’t you going to play with me?”

I always loved writing especially prose. I even nearly made a short movie based on one of my stories but it never happened for various reasons. I still hope that one day I can put it into film. Later on my friend admitted that he used it to get into film school. First I was happy that the story was so good but then I felt a bit upset that he used it as his without asking. Needless to say that situations like this happened on several occasions.
Recently I started reminiscing about when I used to work for tv and record labels and hang around with actors, musicians and artists. Myself and those around me strongly believed that I will succeed ( I also believed in their future success). I did not have a particular talent. Neither could act nor sing in an amazing way but I had a spark and energy and I was very passsionate. I could light up any situation with my positivism and sense of humour.
The times then where very fresh and crisp everything was starting – it was a new era. We were the new generation with no competition. At least it never felt like there is a need to compete. Everything was just happening naturally. (Christian you would know exactly what I’m talking about.)
Leaving the country and starting a new life changed it all. Back home we did it because we had a need of creating and sharing. Here it felt like business, not mentioning that I could not afford financially to concentrate on my creativity. I guess the fact that I never had to pay rent back home helped…
In recent years I deeply feel that my spark has mostly gone ( or is well hidden ) due to trusting certain people and being hurt and also due to bureaucrats and energy vampires who haunt us. What is left is the passion. Everything has to be black or white for me. Warwick made me promise that I will start writing again. Is it time to find my creative self again? It is certainly worth a shot.
So here is one to you Schrebby.

Did anyone see my Daddy?

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Lula would like to ask if anyone knows where her Dad is. She is looking for him. He has been working non-stop for the last 3 weeks including weekends and she hardly saw any of him. If you see him, please tell him that she and her mum miss him a lot.
If you ask me Warwicks work became a little to much like Sisyphus story. He is working from dawn till dusk. No money is worth being constantly away from your loved ones. Unfortunetly the company’s reputation relies on this and we have no choice.

25th November

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It’s getting colder and colder. The worst is that the heating seems to be playing up and twice this week it did not work for the whole night! Brrr…
We just dress warmer and hope for the better. Lula does not seem to care as her room is always warm anyway.

With Aunt Dora in Brussels

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We went for a trip to Brussels today. I was born there nearly 30 years ago and spent the first 2 years of my life. Even though it was freezing cold we loved the capitol of Belgium. It had a special charm. Busy architecture of buildings dating over 400 years back with real gold on their fronts due to which they are apparently the most expensive property in the world. Restaurants with fresh lobster and other seafood. The best chocolate and pate in the world. Dare I mention that we disregarded our diet for the day…
Of course we saw manneken-pis. There are many legends about the Manneken. According to one of them a little boy had watered against the door of a witch who lived where the fountain now stands. The witch was so angry that she turned the little boy into a statue.
Another legend says that a man had lost his little son. He found the child after two days near the place where now the fountain of manneken-pis can be seen. When the father spotted his child, the latter was peeing. As a token of gratitude the father had the fountain with a statue of a peeing boy constructed.


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Lula stood without holding onto anything today! We are sensing soon we are going to be in big trouble!

Thank you

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Thank you to Babcia Tonia i Dziadzio Andrzej for helping out and all the presents Lula receives.
We discovered that it is a problem in France to get organic baby food and it is very important for us that Lula receives the best and healthiest nutrition. We could not find any organic cereal and Warwick was not going to London the week we were running out. We only needed a pack or two. But we received fourteen in all different flavours! That’s my mum for you! You are so great. We have a stock to last us for a couple of months! Thank you for the books and cds it is so helpful in teaching Lula to speak Polish!
P.S. I forgot to mention – it’s official. Lula’s eyes are brown.
Usciski dla ZUZI od Luli

Wake up!

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When Lula woke up at 5.30 this morning I tried to sleep a little longer by hugging her in bed with me. Warwick was already up and running for an hour as he has a sudden overload of work since last week and we hardly see any of him… Even the usually family oriented weekend suddenly became work, work and work.
So anyway I tried egotistically to have some extra sleep (for my defence I have to say that since we don’t have any family around all home chores, babysitting and anything home related is on my back with hardly any moment to spare). But Lula is already too wise for that and will not have any fun time taken away by such a useless thing as sleeping is! Never the less, she looked so cute I got myself out of bed and took some pictures.

7th November

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I went out for my Monday knitting class at the local Anny Blatt wool shop and came back two hours later to find a new Lula. Warwick said “Lula do you recognise this woman? It’s your mother.” Lula looked at me and quickly turned away pre-occupied with her new Fisher Price “Peek-a-Blocks Shapes Sorter” toy. Some time later I realised that in this two hours Lula had already developed and picked up some new skills. I know that in their first year children develop the most but come on, in two hours?


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I am sure most of you know that we decided to return to London. Yes we tried it here and decided that it is not for us! At least we will not be wondering about that anymore.
We still have a few things we are doing here like (me finishing off Warwick’s 100 feet long scarf!) our friends visiting and our trip to New York in 4 weeks. Really can not wait to see you guys! Lula will learn more tricks from our little sweet Iza. And hopefully me and Iwona are going to get a girls night out whilst Warwick and Jason are babysitting! How cool is that? And of course then we will be arriving for a wonderful family Christmas in Slawek and Marta’s new house! It will be amazing for Lula a real white traditional Christmas with her cousins, uncles, grandparents and rest of the Polish family. Even uncle Alik is coming from Chicago! We are going to be bankrupt by the time we got all the Christmas presents. But all Poles know that we are a generous nation and it’s going to be packed under the Christmas tree. How great for the little ones! I am so impatient.
And then just after Lula’s birthday which we are celebrating in London too and her Grandma Marian’s visit we have to start looking for a place and pack and mid April we are coming back!