Happy Halloween!

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How happy was Lula to go to Waterlow Park and swing!


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Lula starts really looking and behaving more like a toddler now. She is so cute! She claps her hands, waves and laughs loudly. When she needs extra attention she also chooses a special crying position where she lays on the floor with her belly down and spread arms and legs and howls dramatically. We of course come to the rescue but find it hilarious!

Gali and Darryl

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We had a lovely visit from our friends and it was lovely walking around and chilling together. I can not wait for baby pumpkin to arrive! It is really soon now! Darryl just cracks me up and Gali makes me feel so much at home. Time passes so quickly when you are having fun…
Lula was especially happy as we went to the zoo and saw animals starting from parrots, prairie dogs, owls to zebras, panthers, rhinos and antilopes. My favourite has to be the red panda and the pelican. It’s the first time I saw bats which are very alien looking animals.


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Everybody is getting married! How wonderful! We are so happy that you guys decided to make the commitment. I just love weddings!
Congratulations to Bruno and Marion we can not wait – it’s such an honour for Warwick to be the best man for the wedding in France! Also congratulations to Nino and Will on your engagement! Of course we will be there! Can not wait to put Lula in little fancy dresses!


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We had a lovely day running around London. Chloe – you looked so great and happy. I think your art course is really working out for you! Kinga – thank you for coming you look amazing! And of course our NCT friends – it was so nice watching Lula interact with Arthur and Fred. We really have to do it more often.

Little devil

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Lula has been bottlefeeding exclusively for a week! Hurray!!!
And 2 days ago she slept through all the night! We were so extatic! 😆
Just to experience the worst night ever last night. Oh well we can only stay hopefull.:shock:

9 months!

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Lula is 9 months old today! She measures 79 cm and weighs 11,8 kg! I just finished knitting her winter scarf and am just starting on the mittens.

An autumn day

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We went out for a walk. It was a lovely sunny autumn day and it was a pleasure looking for kids playgrounds. The only thing is that none of them seems to have swings and Lula loves swinging so much.
Also we were quite shocked as the playground was in between two roads and on one side came and stood a working girl.
I don’t know what is more shocking – the fact that it was next to children or the fact that she got much interest.
Anyway it was a nice day and we will keep on looking for swings.