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We drove to London yesterday. It was real fun running around the shops and stuffing our faces in Wagamama with Gali. Lula was great but Eurostar will be my first choice in the future.
It was really good talking to Gali and it is good to have someone who has a similar situation and comes from the same background. After 8 years, London is my home and living away is more of a long holiday. But when you have a baby or in Gali’s case expect a little bundle of joy having support is extremely important. I can perfectly understand why she is considering going back home in a couple of years. In over a year I had one dentist appointment a hairdressers appointment and a few mornings where, thanks to Warwick, I stayed in bed an extra hour( normal waking up time being between 5.30 and 6.30). Where is the time to myself? If I would be in Poland it would be so different as there is my family and some of my closest friends. I do feel that my life would be so much easier. Both me and Gali agreed that it is very lonely and hard especially where the few people we like have different priorities like parties. So what is the answer? Is there a point living in a city you love but don’t have close ones? I guess we have to figure that one out ourselves….

Little trip

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We drove to London yesterday and I met up with Gali. Running around shops and lunching out. It was really good, especially stuffing my face with yaki udon in Wagamama in Covent Garden! There is no doubt that London is my home. But having or in Gali’s case expecting a little bundle of joy 😛 really makes you realise how lonely you are. Since over a year I had a dentist visit, a hairdresser and a few later mornings thanks to my wonderful husband. Where is the time for myself! As we are in the same situation with Gali our families and most of our friends are abroad we find ourselves feeling a bit lonely. There is no one to help and it is vital when you have a baby. It would be so different if I would be in Poland the family unit seems to be stronger there. People have time for each other and different priorities. However nuts my family is I can really count on them and I love them most of all. I can fully understand why Gali considers going back home in a couple of years. It is really crossing my mind too. I love London but what is the point of being there if everyone goes out and parties and we are on a compeletly different level now. I guess it is for us to decide sooner or later.

Lula is a cat

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We decided to do something for Halloween this year and I’ve tried on Lula’s costume – she is going to be a cat! I bought it on Ebay last year and it fits perfectly.


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Nigel and Melitta were so kind to give Warwick their old car! They came to drop it on their way to Germany and stopped on their way back to England. Even though it is a very unusual (the kind you pass on the motorway) car we already called it Kiki and are very attached to this little and functional white “friend”. Warwick is a great driver and we feel very safe with him. It’s really strange new place, new home and a new car…

Boulogne sur Mer

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We went for a trip to Boulogne sur Mer for an agricultural festival. It was raining badly but the trip was a success thanks to the charm of this lovely french seaside town. It was good we had our umbrellas. Lula saw for the first time piglets, cows, chickens, sheep, horses and ponies.

It’s love

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:razz:There was no doubt from the first day Lula appeared on this planet that Warwick fell inlove and this love grows stronger and stronger every day. What made it for him now is that he is the Chef de Famille. Lula is responding with love to her Daddy too! It’s wonderful to watch and to be a part of it.

Happy Birthday!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY WARWICK! We love you very very very much and wish you all the best!

Jo, Lula and Schsch

Nigel and Lula

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We both held our breath when Lula’s granddad Nigel held her for the first time.

Weekend with Dora

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We had a lovely visit from Dora- future Godmother to Lula.
Lula loved it as always and we all had a great time! Thank you for coming. Dziekuje Myszko i do zobaczenia niebawem!:smile::smile::smile:


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Well not exactly. But Lula crawls really fast and walks with the aid of mum or dad. It’s crazy. We really had to put safety gates in the kitchen and on the stairs and block electricity plugs and we will have to get something for the drawers. She is so fast and opens everything. Still 7 months old for another week and so much is happening already.