A little fun

We are settling down very well and Lula feels right at home already. It’s been harder on us then on her that she is sleeping in her own room as WE MISS HER little squeaks in the night! How egotistical of us. Hihihi! Anyway she loves her purple room and there was no problem on that front at all. We are still battling her bathing without mummy in the bath with her and drinking milk from a bottle. I really hope I can stop breastfeeding in a month or so it helps getting back into shape! Even though I already lost over a stone and a half through healthy eating and being active in the last 6 weeks – I still have a long way to go! But anyway thank GOD for dieticians! Going back to Lula – she is really about to crawl and stands up when has something she can hold on to. It is amazing for a 7 month old. She can move from one end of a room to another quite quickly by half crawling / sitting up. She hits everything with her hands including mum and dad and wants to put everything in her mouth. We really have to be careful now!

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