Mark and Nicola

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We went out to buy a few things in Camden before going to Poland next week and met up for lunch with Mark and Nicola. We live just 5 minutes away from each other but it’s difficult to meet more then every few weeks or so, as everyone is so busy. Thats the way London is… Anyway it was very good for Lula to spend some time with her uncle and aunt and the sun came out too!

Gali and Darryl

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Congratulation Guys! We are very very happy for you! :razz::razz::razz:
The vegetable garden looks amazing and tastes even better!

New toy

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There is always lots of excitement when Lula gets a new toy and since she is nearly 6 months old now we decided that a developmental one is in order. So it arrived today and we had lots of fun with it. This baby toys today are so colourful and soft that even we as adults want to play with them.


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Lula finally met her uncle Slawek who came for a very short visit today. He was on a one day business visit to London. It was short but sweet and we will be seeing each other in a week and a half anyway!


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Lula is turning in all different directions now. From back to front and vice versa. We can not leave her for a second unattended. The last few mornings we walk up to her sleeping on her belly!


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We just came back from our first trip with Lula! We went to visit Bruno and Marion in Lille. It was a very exciting weekend. Lula was extremely good and very social. We ate great food as you can expect in France and tried to keep the routine going. Bruno and Marion took us to the seaside resort Knokke in Belgium which was as hot and crowded as French
Riviera. It was a bit of a shock as I don’t think we have experienced a full summer scene like that for many years and got used to the shade protecting Lula from the sun! I hope it’s a promising start to us going away more often and stressing less about leaving the safe nest which is our home.

Kenwood House

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We went out to meet Lula’s NCT friends for her 5 months bday! We had a little picnic and hoped for the sun to come out… Everyone is growing so fast!


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Lula got her own door bouncer and loves it, but it is touch and go from happy to sad! Thank God we get much more smiles! At the time I am writing this I can hear Warwick begging Lula to stop grabbing his glass with water it is so difficult now as she is so hyperactive! Lula measures 70 cm and weights 9 kg!:shock:
Totally different subject – I would like to recommend to all the biography of Lauren Bacall “By myself and Then Some.” I don’t usually read biographies but this one is a great book! Bacall’s writing has an amazing vitality, she sounds so fresh and excited like a teenager! It’s so down to earth but unreal at the same time. What a great life!


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Time is passing fast. I used to have plenty of time to sit down and write stuff when I was pregnant. Now it is very difficult to find a moment. Lula will be 5 months old in just a week. Can you believe it? Every day there is something new – recently she looked at Warwick and said “dada” of course she did not know that it is a word or what it means but it still was very sweet. The favourite game now is having raspberries blown on her belly. We get so much laughter and smiles for it that we have to do it over and over again. Hanging upside down and kisses get a great reaction too. She is reaching out to be hugged and she puts her feet in her mouth. We try to capture every moment but find that we can not remember much from last week or the week before…