Finally some sun!

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A nice day in Clissold Park meeting Lula’s NCT friends! It’s a great place with deer and waterfalls and exotic ducks and swans.

Bruno and Marion

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Finally our sweethearts arrived to see Lula. Thank you for the lovely presents!
Lula is nearly as big as Bruno (hihihi!) but they get on great!
Now you only have to put in some work on your part so that Lula has a little French/Portuguese cousin.

Lula is growing

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We went for Lula’s second immunisations yesterday and checked her height and weight at the same time. She is now at the sweet age of 3 months 7,4 kg and 66 cm! I can officially say that she has outgrown her dad (by 2 cm) and uncle (by 1,5 cm). Of course compared to their height charts at the same age.

Kacper’s visit

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Today we had a visit from Auntie Dora, Dawid and Kasia with their 15 month old son Kacper! We have not seen him for a year or so and he grew to be a charming little toddler. He was dancing, kising Lula and runningf around the flat. Lula also got a lovely dress as a present. Thank you!

Lula is three months old!

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We have spent the day at Gali and Darryl’s and Lula slept like an angel. It’s incredible that it has been three months already!

Lula and Gali

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Lula was mesmerised by Auntie Gali today, she was smiling and “talking” and on her best behaviour!