Little sweetie in the morning

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Isn’t she just the cutest!

Lula’s first Easter

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We had a lovely Easter with uncle Mark and Auntie Nicola. Here are some pictures.


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Farewell Grandma!

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Bon Voyage to Granny Marian who is returning to New Zealand tonight. May the journey be quick and pleasant.
Thank you very much for coming all this way to see us and to get to know Lula!

Smoke free please

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It all went wrong tonight when we booked to go to our local Thai restaurant for Marian’s last night in England. We thought that if we came early (around 6pm) there will be no smokers. How wrong we were! By the time everyone showed up it was after 7pm and just next to us a guy started smoking. The place is only one room and basically it is as if someone would have smoked in our living room. I had to take Lula and run out in scare that she will inhale some cigarette smoke.
We have to be more careful in the future in choosing places. It is so weird that there are so little places with non smoking areas. Is that to much to ask? Especially that there are lots of families around here. Are we not allowed to go out anymore to eat?


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I just took my make up off and Warwick said “baby you need a nap you look like hell or like you’ve been punched. Look in the mirror.” I sure did and decided to have a nap. As soon as Lula has one…
I still look better then after coming back from the hospital when Warwick told me that I look like a panda…

A walk in the park

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2 months old!

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Lula is two months old today!


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Lula had her first immunisations today. It looked like it hurt a lot and was quite heartbreaking for us. But it is for her own good. The good news is that Lula is very healthy, she weighs now 6,4 kg and is 61cm tall.

Grandma Marian

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Granny Marian came all the way from New Zealand today and gave Lula lots of love and care.