I’ve just recovered from the c-section and started going out, being more active and pain free – hurray! Which was good timing as Warwick has a bad case of flu from stress mainly.
And then yesterday just after 6pm I was preparing shrimp garlic pasta with salad and spilt hot olive oil all over my hand, so after 4 hours of keeping it in cold water and no relief Warwick decided we have to go to accident and emergency!
Oh well. I did not get much sleep last night but at least it stopped hurting that much after 12 hours (I did not cry like that even during labour!) and now my hand looks like huge bubble! Does not help with changing nappies and breastfeeding or holding my little Lula! Poor Warwick had to get up and pass her to me most of the night and change all the nappies!
We were laughing in the hospital at ourselves, what a pair of invalids!
I am just thinking what is going to happen next.. It’s good that we always seem to find a reason to smile.

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