New bed for Lulka

Lula got a new cotbed today as she has nearly outgrown the previous bed. It took a third of our bedroom but looks much more comfortable!
A few friends asked me how is it to be a mum. You will never understand until you have a baby of your own I guess. It’s amazing for me to think that she is nearly six weeks old. Looking at pictures I see how she changed. She is longer and heavier, her features are fuller and most of all she interacts more and we understand the meaning of her cries and coos (most of the time).
My life has changed totally. I am Lula’s 24/7 room service, I am up and ready regardless if it’s 1am, 2am, 3am, 4am, 5am or any other time for that matter. Whenever someone holds her I observe/listen to every move they make. Yes, I am officially an over-protective mother. Going out in the evening – no way. Going out myself not possible. A quick lunch in a non smoking restaurant, walk in a park or meeting up with other parents is as far as my independence goes and I could not imagine life without Warwick. How do people do it by themselves or go back to work, no idea. I guess it is different when you bottlefeed.

Anyway I love it and I can not imagine life without her!

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