Lula’s name

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Many people ask us about the name Lula. First of all let’s not forget Be-Bop-A-Lula and David Lynch’s “Wild at heart” where the main character called Lula says that “This whole world is wild at heart and weird on top”. The name Lula was very popular in the late 1800’s-early 1900’s. I found two main origins apparently German meaning all-encompassing and arabic meaning pearl. But it was used all over the globe. Now it’s more unique as a full name, other Lula’s are short for Talula or Tallulah. We think Lula is a beautiful name and suits her perfectly!

Lula’s bath time

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Lula has a bath every night and loves it. Since I’ve burned my hand Warwick had to do the honours you can see she really loves being with daddy in the bath!
I am sure that after a little practise he will do better!

Happy birthday Mum!

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First of all Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji urodzin Malpciu!

It was great to see you today Chloe, thank you for coming. xxx


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I’ve just recovered from the c-section and started going out, being more active and pain free – hurray! Which was good timing as Warwick has a bad case of flu from stress mainly.
And then yesterday just after 6pm I was preparing shrimp garlic pasta with salad and spilt hot olive oil all over my hand, so after 4 hours of keeping it in cold water and no relief Warwick decided we have to go to accident and emergency!
Oh well. I did not get much sleep last night but at least it stopped hurting that much after 12 hours (I did not cry like that even during labour!) and now my hand looks like huge bubble! Does not help with changing nappies and breastfeeding or holding my little Lula! Poor Warwick had to get up and pass her to me most of the night and change all the nappies!
We were laughing in the hospital at ourselves, what a pair of invalids!
I am just thinking what is going to happen next.. It’s good that we always seem to find a reason to smile.


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Today was the first time I went out with Lula without Warwick. What an achievement! He still helped me down the stairs but as he has a flu I went down to Waitrose and Mothercare all on my own. It’s been 6 weeks and a day since Lula was born and I am officially allowed to carry things, I also feel better. Lula has been an angel and slept all the time I guess it has something to do with last nights activities!


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I should mention that Lula’s paternal Granddad Nigel came over with his second wife Melitta to see Lula, it was a very short visit and Lula slept through most of it. We talked about cats and computers and the usual things we talk about when we meet and went to meet Mark and Nicola for lunch who have a great interest in their niece and are a great support – for which a big THANK YOU.

Warwick as a newborn

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We just received from Grandma Marian, who is coming in two and half weeks to visit from New Zealand this picture of Warwick as a newborn. Lula’s dad looks like a cute cry baby and uncle Mark is probably under 2 years of age and as blond as can be! I could not help myself of course but put it online!
P.S. And the giraffe they used to check their height on! Warwick was 64 cm at 3 months and Mark was apparently 64,5 cm at the same age. Lula was 60 cm at 1 month. We just have to wait and see if she becomes taller then her dad and uncle!

Lula and Schrebski

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What can you do? It took a few weeks and Schrebski moved back (after hiding under the sofa in the living room for a while) to the bedroom and can not understand that the cotbed is for Lula not for sharing. It is kind off sweet though…

P.S. She does not sleep there during the night, only comes during the day for company!

New bed for Lulka

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Lula got a new cotbed today as she has nearly outgrown the previous bed. It took a third of our bedroom but looks much more comfortable!
A few friends asked me how is it to be a mum. You will never understand until you have a baby of your own I guess. It’s amazing for me to think that she is nearly six weeks old. Looking at pictures I see how she changed. She is longer and heavier, her features are fuller and most of all she interacts more and we understand the meaning of her cries and coos (most of the time).
My life has changed totally. I am Lula’s 24/7 room service, I am up and ready regardless if it’s 1am, 2am, 3am, 4am, 5am or any other time for that matter. Whenever someone holds her I observe/listen to every move they make. Yes, I am officially an over-protective mother. Going out in the evening – no way. Going out myself not possible. A quick lunch in a non smoking restaurant, walk in a park or meeting up with other parents is as far as my independence goes and I could not imagine life without Warwick. How do people do it by themselves or go back to work, no idea. I guess it is different when you bottlefeed.

Anyway I love it and I can not imagine life without her!

Cousins Zuzia and Tomek

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I can not believe Zuzia is so big now! Lulka can not wait to meet you both. Big kisses!

Zuzia jest sliczna, nie moge uwierzyc, ze juz tak urosla!