Maternal Grandma and Granddad’s visit

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Lula had a lovely visit from maternal Grandma Tonia and Granddad Andrzej from Poland this weekend. Thank you for all the presents, flowers, your generosity and most of all for making your way all the way here to see your Lula!
Lula immediatly took a liking to her grandparents and we all had lots of fun. We can not wait to see you at Easter!
It is quite interesting that Lula’s second name Antonina is now in the fourth generation as my dad’s Grandmum was Antonina, then my mum, my second name is Antonina and now Lula is proudly carrying it.:!:
P.S. Thank you to cousin Zuzia, Marta and Slawek for the clothes and gifts (much appreciated too!)

Thank you!

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Most of all thank you uncle Mark for your generosity and for being here for Lula!
Thank you Dora for lots of care!
Thank you Snowmedia, New Zealand News and Electric Pictures for your presents!
Here’s Lula herself with some of the prezzies!

2 weeks today!

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Some more pictures for those asking! 😛

16 minutes before being 2 weeks old Lula’s umbilical cord fell off and she has a lovely belly button!

Second week

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Lula is growing fast and her personality shines through more and more. She loves being cuddled and does not want to go to her bed during the night (I am told with practice she will learn) at the moment mummy can not leave her sight, unless daddy comes to the rescue!
The world has changed so much in the last 11 days and it’s all worth it!

Lula at 1 week

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Already a week with us and Lula is being a true little angel – she cries a little, has her bath and then sleeps and sleeps…

We checked Lula’s star signs and in the chinese horoscope she’s a monkey, it says that the best match for a monkey is a rat or a dragon. We were surprised as I am a dragon and Warwick is a rat…

5 days old

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Lula is settling very well and she is better and better during the night! A feed, hug and change is all she needs and we treasure each precious moment! She’s been giving us little smiles and noises that make our hearts melt.

Back home!

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We are back from the hospital now and Lula is doing very well! I am recovering after an 18 hour labour and then c-section – all worth it! We are completly inlove! Thank you for the flowers, cards and greetings and most of all your support!
P.S. On the first picture you can really see how long Lula is.

Lula’s second day!

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Just a bit of video for those of you who are far away… mms:// (you need to have windows media player installed to see it!)

After 40 weeks +10 days, It’s a girl!

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On the 9th January at 10:07pm, Lula Antonina finally arrived into the world with a loud cry!

4.4kg… 56cm long… Mother and baby are doing very well

More details to follow…

Still nothing..

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We have been to the hospital today and the baby is very healthy, but does not want to come out yet to our disappointment. If nothing happens naturally, we will have an induction in the hospital on Monday. It’s only days now, but we are really hoping to have a natural labour…