Happy New Year!

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Have a great party and a fantastic year 2005!

Szampanskiej imprezy i wszystkiego naj w Nowym Roku 2005!

No not yet!

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For all of you who are calling and asking “Is the baby there yet?” the answer is no!

The due date is actually tomorrow and it is very common in the first pregnancy to go up to two weeks over it. We are as excited as all of you are, but please the stress levels are starting to increase as it is, can you bare with us. :mrgreen:

(For a long time, obstetricians decided on the expected date of birth by adding nine months and seven days to the first day of your last menstrual period. This is called ‘Naegele’s Rule’. But this way of predicting when a baby is due only works if you have very regular periods and always ovulate in the middle of your cycle. As we all know, this isn’t true of everyone.

If Naegele’s Rule is used, 83 per cent of women give birth before they reach 40 weeks of pregnancy plus 10 days, and a further 9.5 per cent give birth before they reach 42 weeks. This leaves 7.5 per cent being delivered after 42 weeks. On the other hand, if early ultrasound is used to decide when a baby is due, 95 per cent of women give birth by the time they reach 40 weeks + 10 days, with another 1.5 per cent up to 42 weeks. This leaves only 3.5 per cent of women undelivered after 42 weeks)

5 down!

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Little Freddy was born today and there is only two of us left to go now!


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What a strange Christmas!

We went out with Mark and Nicola for dinner on Thursday, which was lovely, and then Friday they came for some mince pies and mulled wine (an attempt of mine, which did not work very well) in the evening.

My family in Poland was having an amazing dinner prepared by my mum, consisting of an oplatek, twelve courses between blue fairies, Christmas trees and candles. I have to say that it was very hard for me not to be able to be with them.

Thank God Dora was kind enough to invite us for lunch on Saturday! She only lives 10 minutes from us, but it took me twice the time with great difficulty. We stayed until 5 O’clock and had a lovely time. A friend of hers, which coincidentally is a Spanish Chef, prepared a lovely meal of chicken, steak, potatoes and vegetables. We then proceeded to an orange and almond chocolate mousse tarte and champagne, which I had a tiny sip of.

We are now waiting for the baby and are getting quite bored and fed up, not mentioning in an extreme discomfort. Please keep your fingers crossed that it arrives soon!

Our midwife came over today and advised that the baby is all ready and in the position to come out, but feels obviously too comfortable. A walk in a park could help. So we went to Kenwood House and had a lovely walk and lunch amongst listening to crying newborns, which is supposed to bring on the labour. But no results as yet…. apart from a painful back and pelvis.

Happy Holidays!

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We would like to wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We hope that you have a fantastic break with your families and friends!

Wszystkiego co najlepsze z okazji Swiat Bozego Narodzenia i w Nowym Roku!

Dziekuje Waszulko i Lasku!

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Wlasnie dostalam twoja paczke jestes kochana!
Jo i Warwick
Thank you! 😉

4 down and three to go!

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Millie was born 2 weeks ago, then little Ollie appeared last week and two little twin girls – Leah and Elinor came to this world yesterday! It is happening and there is no turning back! Out of 6 couples from our NCT class, there are 3 still waiting, amused by what is happening.

We went to visit Annie on Friday the proud mom of 2 weeks old Millie and I was holding this gorgeous little being and thought what a miracle it is and how I can not wait for Lula/Henry to be here (outside of the belly).

I wonder who is going to be next…

Schreppy’s input

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I woke up today and found that Schreppy brought me a dead fly. It was lying on the pillow next to me and I found it disgusting. Warwick made me realise later on that it was a lovely gesture as Schreppy always eats her flies immediately and she obviously thought I need more nutrition and wanted to have an input in the baby’s well being. It’s very kind of you Schreppy!

Thank you Mom! Dziekuje Mamo!

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Wow! Henry/Lula is going to be an extremely spoilt granchild! We just received another pack with clothes, cot bumpers, cakes and more from my mum. Thank you so much! We appreciate your support a lot.

Thank you Grandma!

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Christmas came early for Henry/Lula as we received a pack from Grandma Marian from New Zealand! She knitted a lovely wool shawl for the baby and made some sleeping gro-bags. Thank you very much! The pack included a very important item to Warwick-a Buzzy bee, apparently no little Kiwi can go without it.