Around a week ago I started being very itchy. I went to the doctor and was given some E45 cream. The condition got worse within a day and the rash spread.
Within days itchiness became unbearable leading to sleepless nights and exhaustion. My midwife sent me to the hospital to make sure it is not a liver disease, Obstetric cholestasis, which is quite dangerous and itching is one of it’s signs. She told us to pack our bag just in case if I have to stay overnight. That was a bit of a scare…
Fortunately all was ok and after a few hours I was diagnosed with PUPPP known as the pregnancy rash. The heavy part is that there is no cure for it. It usually clears up after the delivery.
I am sentenced to madness of itching and trying not to scratch myself for the next 7 weeks. I did some research and found that around 20% of women get that especially in their 1st pregnancy. I have tried Calamine Lotion which helps a bit and anti-histamines (not so helpful).
Now after more research I discovered that Dandelion Root helps some and Flaxseed oil too. I am willing to try anything ( as long as it is in no way harmful to the baby of course). After reading that a few sufferers got better after covering themselves with live natural yoghurt, I have even done that! Still waiting for the results and praying it will go away or I will go mad.

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