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We’ve teamed up with other pregnant women from the classes – Charlotte, Rachel, Cathy, Annie and Bronja and decided to start meeting up privately in each others houses for “women only” sessions. It was so funny, when we were all standing the other day on the street with our big bellies. It looks like our partners might be doing the same soon and we have a group of little friends lined up for Lula/Henry already. I really recommend NCT classes to anyone that is expecting or planning to have a baby. And I know that quite a few of you are trying already.

Henry’s/Lula’s scan

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We went for another scan today and found out that the baby is perfectly healthy. It weighs around 2,3 kg at the moment, which is normal for the 35th week of pregnancy and moves a lot more then other babies, apparently even more proof of health! It was lovely to see it’s little nose and large lips (it seems) opening and closing as it is preparing to breathe already. It seems unbelievable that in the next few weeks we will have our own little family!

With a little help from our friends.

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We had a lovely visit today from Bruno and Marion! What a pity it was so short! It really sucks to have you guys as far as Lille! But I guess Henry, or Lula will love visiting uncle and auntie in France and so will your kid, (when you finally get round it!) when he/she will be visiting us in London. Anyway THANK YOU for being there always and supporting us!


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I am very happy to report, that herbal treatment is the way to go! After nearly a week of refusing steroid cream and going for salt baths and herbs I am much better. We have around six weeks left before we meet Henry or Lula face to face and I am much happier and positive. I can not believe it’s so soon now!


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Around a week ago I started being very itchy. I went to the doctor and was given some E45 cream. The condition got worse within a day and the rash spread.
Within days itchiness became unbearable leading to sleepless nights and exhaustion. My midwife sent me to the hospital to make sure it is not a liver disease, Obstetric cholestasis, which is quite dangerous and itching is one of it’s signs. She told us to pack our bag just in case if I have to stay overnight. That was a bit of a scare…
Fortunately all was ok and after a few hours I was diagnosed with PUPPP known as the pregnancy rash. The heavy part is that there is no cure for it. It usually clears up after the delivery.
I am sentenced to madness of itching and trying not to scratch myself for the next 7 weeks. I did some research and found that around 20% of women get that especially in their 1st pregnancy. I have tried Calamine Lotion which helps a bit and anti-histamines (not so helpful).
Now after more research I discovered that Dandelion Root helps some and Flaxseed oil too. I am willing to try anything ( as long as it is in no way harmful to the baby of course). After reading that a few sufferers got better after covering themselves with live natural yoghurt, I have even done that! Still waiting for the results and praying it will go away or I will go mad.

National Childbirth Trust

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We went to our first antenatal class yesterday with the National Childbirth Trust. I did not know what to expect at all. We met five other expectant couples that are due around the same time as we and discussed the agenda for the meetings. It was very refreshing and a positive experience for both of us. I think we feel less isolated and lonely now and it looks like we are going to make some new friends, apart from preparing for the labour and parenthood.
It is great to know that we are not alone in this!