We just came back from a great weekend in Lille. Visiting Bruno and Marion and little Boule de neige. We got there on the two days and two nights some two million people from France and abroad, in particular, Belgium and England came to participate in The Braderie de Lille – the Lille Flea Market with bargains galore, trading and haggling on small stalls. It was a whole town that wanted to empty its cellars and attics to have fun selling all manners of things. Everything and anything could be bought, sold or exchanged. All around were people consuming mussels and chips.

We were pleasantly surprised to have a hot Indian summer weather and walked through this beautiful city. Each morning we got up and bought delicious croissants and pain au chocolat straight from the boulangerie.

On Monday Bruno took us to a Commercial Centre in Englos, where a red bugaboo frog pram was waiting for us. Warwick was over the moon! He could finally play with it. I have to remember to tell our baby, how excited his dad was about playing with the pushchair himself. It is a masterpiece of a pram and I am very glad we got it.

Even thought the trip was exhausting I had a great time. Marion and Bruno always make us feel so welcome, this time they even gave us their bed and Marion cooked the best tuna & olive pasta. They are such sweethearts and we can not wait now for them to become parents, so we can have even more in common.

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