Sewing machine

Posted in Uncategorized on July 31st, 2004 by Jo

We had a lovely weekend at Nigel’s and Melitta’s, who helped us get a sewing machine in Leicester. It was lovely seating in the garden and watching the bird paradise they created. I was eating for two and the fact that Melitta served a gorgeous lasagne and then brat herring did not help to watch my line. Although pregnancy is not the time to worry about ones weight. The country side around Loughbourough is beautiful. I have to get to work and start sewing for the baby!


Posted in Uncategorized on July 17th, 2004 by Jo

Mark and Nicola invited us for a barbecue to their new place. They have a lovely brick patio with ivy growing all over it and Nicola prepared lots of food. I just sat and ate for hours, it was lovely.

Baby’s heartbeat

Posted in Uncategorized on July 15th, 2004 by Jo

Gaynor, our midwife came today and we heard the baby’s heartbeat! We are not sure if it sounded like a train, which apparently suggests that it is a boy, or horses, which would mean it’s a girl. It’s the first time I saw Warwick so excited! He really felt it’s real today!

Baby’s Heartbeat

New Zealand day

Posted in Uncategorized on July 10th, 2004 by Jo

We went to Toast New Zealand today with Mark and Nicola. The weather was unpredictable, changing from sun to rain and it was pretty impossible to watch any of the rugby. We did have some gorgeous food and got lots of fresh air in our lungs. Everyone apart from me enjoyed sparkling wine on the house. Afterwards we went to Silks and Spice for Thai and I am still paying for the chilli, basil chopped chicken! Have to remember not to be tempted by spices during the pregnancy!

Visiting Nika

Posted in General on July 4th, 2004 by Jo

We went to visit Nika in Harrow today and spent most of the day playing badmington in her garden. What a liar I am! Warwick and Nika were playing and I did not move much. I can not imagine jumping up and down at the moment, as it could end very bad. Marcelo appeared later on with a bunch of flowers for his beloved one.
I feel weird seeing people right now, as all I can talk about is the baby, the pregnancy and the baby. But as Nika is my best friend I can be myself and not worry that much.


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I was very lucky, as whilst in Poland my brother and his wife lend me lots of clothes after Zuzia and I even got her cot. That saved us quite a lot of time and money and we are all prepared for the first few months on that front. Funny enough Schrebski immediately decided that it’s her new bed and spend literarily all her time in it, until we got a cat net to keep her out of it.