Until now I was expressing my motherly instincts towards my naughty and odd cat Schrebski. She is not going to be the only one soon. I found lots of information about, what to do to make your kitty comfortable for the newborns arrival and what to expect. I find some quotes plain hysterical!

  1. Tape record a baby crying and play it on low volume, gradually increasing the volume each day over a period of a few weeks, so your cat can get used to this “noise.”
  2. Tell your cat that this is her new baby, too. Let your cat smell and touch the baby. There are fewer germs in a cat’s mouth than in a human’s! Let your cat kiss the baby if she wants.
  3. Let Dad or someone else carry the baby inside at the first homecoming, so that Mom is free to greet the cat with open arms.
  4. Spend time with the cat while your baby is sleeping. Cuddle him, brush him and play with him as much as possible to reassure him that you still love him.
  5. Your cat is in total crisis because out of nowhere came this strange-looking, strange-sounding, strange-smelling, hairless creature. There’s hardly a change bigger than that
  6. The reason she may be eliminating outside of her litter box is that she needs to feel as if she has a better escape route.
  7. Use interactive play sessions with a fishing-pole-type toy to help distract your cat when she’s getting nervous. When someone is in the room holding the baby, another family member should play with the cat and offer treats. Your cat has to begin to slowly associate positive things with the baby.

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