Ultrasound Scan

We saw our little baby today, which is only 9 weeks old, according to its size and it’s a little bigger, then 20 mms. It looks like we really created a new life on our wedding night. It was too small to check everything, but the nurse said it looks just fine. It’s in the right place and the heart is beating real fast. We chose names Lula for a girl, or Henry for a boy. It is so difficult to wait. I am so curious of how our baby will look like and what character it will have. Will it be fair like Warwick, or darker toned like me? It’s so interesting. Obviously the most important thing is for him/her to be healthy!

I dozed off for a few hours and when I woke up I called my bridesmaid in New York. I made arrangements to visit her in August for her baby shower, but the tickets are just so expensive for the summer period, that I decided not to go. She is due in September and is expecting a baby girl. We were talking about getting our two little ones together; the fact that they will be only 4 months apart will make it so much easier for them to get on!

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