We had a lovely day today. It is Easter and we invited Mark, Nicola, Marcelo and Nika for lunch. Warwick prepared a lovely chicken roast and we sat around for long hours talking, eating and drinking wine.

2 Responses to “Easter”

  1. Marian Says:

    Hi Jo,

    I have been reading your blog [which I found I think because Mark told me about it!] and have been thinking about what you’re writing in it, and thinking about the whole thing, of blogs being a totally new form of communication. I have felt a bit weird about adding any comments up until now. But it got to be even weirder to be reading your blog and learning more about what’s happening in your life this way, than by the more old-fashioned ways of phones, emails and snailmails.

    So it seems now to make more sense to respond. Even if it’s got to be six months since this particular post. Maybe it’s an appropriate time lag – you were at the beginning of spring – and now so I am, round the other side of the world AND down under, to boot.

    When you were having this meal together, I had barely left London after being there for that very full-on 10 days. What a memorable time that was, cramming as much as possible of getting to know each other better, in and around the pinnacle event of your wedding.

    Now, even all this time later, it’s hard to look at the photos and see you all being SO together, and not to feel a very very long way away.

    [AND you’ve changed the furniture around since I left!!!]

    However, the more you do your posts, the more – I hope – the distance will shrink.


  2. Jo Says:

    We are very glad, that you decided to add comments. This is the point of having the blog, as most of our family and friends are in different countries and continents! It will be even better, when the baby is around and you will be able to see on daily, or weekly basis how it’s doing and in a way feel like you are closer. :lol::lol::lol: